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Wesley Thomas - The Opera Guy


“Opera Guy” Wesley Ray Thomas’s first stage role was that of Chief Massasoit in the Thanksgiving Day pageant at age nine, though he was featured as a Soloist in school concerts from the age of six and onward. His first professional engagement as a singing actor in a musical was at age 17. His first professional opera engagement was at age 22. Originally from Oklahoma and of multiple Indigenous and British Isles ancestries, Mr. Thomas is active in the local Indigenous community as a Traditional ceremony singer both in the Boston area and also in New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area. He has been described as “a tireless and astoundingly resonant Baritone” by the Boston Globe. He is active in 12 step programs including AA and as of this writing has nearly 24 and a half years of Sobriety, One Day at a Time. In addition to performing arts, Mr. Thomas enjoys Fishing immensely and is also an avid word game player. He spent many years as a serious asphalt court basketball player before being sidelined with a serious foot injury. He still enjoys hiking, Canoeing, and camping (although preferably if Fishing is also involved).

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