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Mission and Story

Tunefoolery Music is a non-profit organization for musicians in mental health recovery. For over 25 years, we have been a community where musicians find purpose and identities as creative performing artists. Our musicians have performed for over 200,000 people (as solo acts or ensembles) at mental health centers, shelters, hospitals, conferences, nursing homes, etc., as well as for the general public. We emphasize our musicians’ strengths and the endless possibilities of healing and recovery.

The healing process for people in mental health recovery can be a very painful journey where one’s traumatic experiences and shortcomings often become the focus of the process. In Tunefoolery, we use music, creativity, education, paid work, and a loving community as a way to transform people’s lives and create a foundation to become productive, skilled musicians who can share the gift of music and hope with others.

The Film

Our Mission

Use music-making and community-building to provide musicians in mental health recovery with opportunities for hope, healing, empowerment, employment, self-reliance, and socializing.

Perform high-quality music for those who lack access to live performances, especially for peers in mental health recovery.

Eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness through dialogue, education and modeling the true talents and strengths of people with mental health conditions.

Our Mission

Our Vision

• Improved mental health and recovery for our musicians and audiences
• Paid work for our musicians
• Role modeling, recovery, and hope for other people in mental health recovery
• Reduced stigma related to mental illness
• Education about the possibilities for people in mental health recovery
• Professional and inspiring musical entertainment

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