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Tony Bluze

Vocal, Guitar

Tony Bluze is self-taught, playing instruments along with his vocals for approximately 12 years. His primary instruments are his guitar and his voice, although he learned how to play piano first through his wife of 20 years. He also plays many different percussion instruments, including tambourine and spoons. He has been a performer and vocalist for about 40 years. Throughout those years, Tony has been in a variety of professional music groups, and has performed in churches, prisons, hospitals, festivals, and television programs. He joined Tunefoolery in 2015 after seeing members playing at a charity run in Jamaica Plain. Tony says that God inspires him to share music of hope. One of his goals is to sell his music, but more importantly his main ambition is to share his songs with as many people as possible and spread his messages of hope. His most important message he wants to send is that it is not all about him, but all about all. Tony has about 30 original songs that embody his humility and love of life.

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