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 I have always had a passion for writing since childhood. My mother mentioned that I would spend hours under the table, engrossed in my writing.


Tanshella was raised in a musical family, singing alongside her brother and sister in her parents' church. With her mother being a Gospel singer and her father a Bishop and musician, Tanshella's musical talents flourished. She began singing in her high school choir at Dorchester High.


In late 2003, Tanshella became a member of Tunefoolery. Her musical journey began with her role as a singer in the High School Play "Little Shop of Horrors." She further developed her skills through singing in church and community choirs, performing in various concerts directed by Berkley Choir Director Dennis Montgomery and Gospel Artist Freda Battle.


Inspired by her experiences attending church services as a young adult, Tanshella fell in love with Gospel and Christian music, leading her to write songs and poetry over the years. She recently recorded several original songs in the Tunefoolery studio with drummer Nate Schwirian. With a Bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) and a Master's in Creative Arts (M.Ed.), Tanshella aims to bring creativity and music to individuals facing challenging circumstances.


Drawing from her Gospel roots, Tanshella finds inspiration in sharing music that uplifts and offers hope. She enjoys singing, songwriting, and collaborating with fellow artists. Currently, Tanshella is working on compiling her music for an upcoming studio project.


In her own words, 'Never stop believing; even when the light seems dim – it is always surrounding you.'".

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