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Sharon “MiMi” Fraser

Vocal, Guitar

MiMi joined Tunefoolery in 2015 as a guitarist and singer/songwriter. At the age of 14 she began teaching herself the guitar and also started to write her own songs. Two years later, she started to sing in the subways and then later became the vocalist for a cover band called The Last Minute Band. MiMi also spent some time in Nashville and Branson, MO with her duo act, The Flip Tops. Influence for her music comes from artists like Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams and Loretta Lynn. In addition to her own rock, folk pop and country inspired music, MiMi also writes children’s and classical music. She has written for the Songs of Love Foundation in Forest Hills, NY and is currently working on a children’s ballet, The Flying Horses. Mimi has worked hard to return to her passion for music after being sidetracked from it for many years by her PTSD and addiction. Since joining Tunefoolery she has been able to find new inspirations in the community of musicians. In her free time, Mimi loves to take walks, cook, travel, garden and spend time with her grandchild.

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