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Kev g mor

Vocal, Guitar

Kevin started performing as a singer/songwriter in coffeehouses at about 14 years old. He considers guitar and voice his primary instruments, but also plays drums, bass, banjo, and mandolin. He began playing at Folk Coffeehouses at age 14, and played throughout Boston and the North Shore during his teen years. In his twenties, he additionally started busking on the streets and subways, as well as playing in many rock bands. From 1998-2008, Kevin lived in Alaska, where he performed solo – as well as with bands – in bars, clubs, coffeehouses and festivals. In 2008 he returned to the Boston area and got back into playing acoustically throughout New England and New York. Kevin joined Tunefoolery in September of 2016, and did his first show with Tunefoolery in mid-October at the Lilypad. He enjoys telling stories in his music, taking any relevant emotion and writing a fictional story based on that emotion, along with creating music that expresses such emotion. He is also inspired by old Irish story songs, and writers like Harry Chapin. Musically, Kevin is influenced by all sorts of genres and artists, but especially roots music, blues, and artists who create in-between genres. His overall musical ambition is to keep creating, evolving, performing and sharing.

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