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Jens Rybo


Jens started playing classical guitar in 3rd grade in his native Sweden, but lost interest in about a year. He picked it up again at 13, when he realized it was possible to learn how to play his favorite Dylan and Beatles songs. Soon after, he started writing his own songs. In high school, he and his best friend started their first band, which played a mix of reggae, ska, and rock with surprising but limited success. Eventually he ended up as a singer in Nio Liv, an 80s new age/punk band whose intense touring brought its members first-hand experience of Swedish geography. After moving to the US, he began working with Tunefoolery in 1994 and became its director in 2000. He currently backs up several Tunefoolery musicians as a guitar player and is especially grateful for learning how to play Early Music, which he wouldn’t have dreamt of back in the 80s. In his free time, he’s also known for playing in the local Americana/Roots/Folk band Tail.

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