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Jeff Margulies

Native American Flute

Jeff Margulies, sometimes known as natural calling, has been playing the Native American flutes for 16 years, ever since his wife brought home a flute she found at a fair. Teaching himself the Native American flute, Jeff was a saxophone player, as well. He is influenced by Jan Seiden, Hawk Henries, Mary Youngblood, Carlos Nakai, and other Native American flute players. A skilled improvisationalist, Jeff’s expressive music is often Jazz-oriented, folkloric, upbeat. Jeff has also recently begun singing vocal standards and is experimenting with singing and playing. Jeff is also active in the social, educational and community aspects of Tunefoolery, attending Wednesday meetings, taking lessons with Tony Leva, and participating in music appreciation workshops. Jeff feels so fortunate to have this community to showcase our music and be there for one another personally–and we feel fortunate to have him! 

On Jeff’s Music Player:

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