Tunefoolery has talented musicians that play many genres of music.  Select a genre to see musicians who play that music. Then click on a musician to read their bio and hear their music!

Alex Gordon (piano)

classical-early-music, holiday, instrumental-jazz, nostalgia

Zenobia (vocal, piano)

folk-folk-rock, genres, originals

Trudi Goodman (vocal, guitar)

folk-folk-rock, holiday

Jason Scolnick (guitar, vocal)

folk-folk-rock, originals

Rachel Lily (vocal, guitar)

folk-folk-rock, genres, originals

Tony Bluze (vocal guitar)

folk-folk-rock, originals

George McPherson (vocal, guitar)

instrumental-jazz, nostalgia, originals

Eugene (accordion)

instrumental-jazz, nostalgia

Sam A. (bass)

folk-folk-rock, instrumental-jazz

Theresa Thompson (violin, flute)

classical-early-music, folk-folk-rock, holiday, instrumental-jazz, nostalgia

Hannah Davidson (viola da gamba, recorder)

classical-early-music, holiday

The O’Carolan Trio

classical-early-music, genres

Amy Elizabeth Manion (vocal)

folk-folk-rock, holiday, originals

Mike Joyce (vocal, guitar)

folk-folk-rock, holiday, nostalgia

Reda Bress (vocal, piano)

folk-folk-rock, originals

Duo La Folia

classical-early-music, genres

Jamie Mallari (vocal, guitar)

folk-folk-rock, originals

Jens Rybo (guitar)

classical-early-music, folk-folk-rock, holiday

Alex S. (vocal, guitar)

folk-folk-rock, genres

Mark Irwin (baroque flute, recorder)

classical-early-music, holiday

Shell (flute)

folk-folk-rock, holiday, instrumental-jazz