theresa-thompsonx150x150 Theresa Thompson
Theresa Thompson is a psychotherapist, musician, and teacher. Inspired by the talents and stories of people in mental health recovery, and struck by the focus on symptoms and pathology in the mental health system, Theresa co-founded Tunefoolery Music with Mark Irwin in 1994. She hoped to create a program that was based on a different way of thinking about people in mental health recovery: one that looked beyond symptom management and focused on each person’s talents and potential. A Fulbright scholar, Theresa holds a BA from The Ohio State University and a Masters Degree from Lesley University. She also studied viola performance at The Longy School of Music.
mark-irwin-150x150 Mark Irwin
Mark Irwin co-founded Tunefoolery in 1994 with psychotherapist and fellow musician, Theresa Thompson. After some time doing volunteer performances with The Social Club, a drop-in center in Central Square, Cambridge, MA, Mark was motivated to create a place where musicians in mental health recovery could not only make money from performances, but further their musical abilities and share their talents and experiences with the community. Since stepping down from his many administrative roles at Tunefoolery, Mark enjoys spending time with his dog, playing piano, cooking, keeping an active social life and creating visual art.