We can always use help, especially if you have musical or computer skills; please contact us. Here’s a list of our needs and how you can help:

What We Need What You Can Do
Spread the Word
About Tunefoolery
E-mail your friends and invite them to a Tunefoolery
concert, fundraising event, etc.
Gigs Do you or somebody you know have a party or
event where Tunefoolery could play?
A Van Could you help us aquire a mini-van for transportation
to gigs?
Attention in the Media Do you know a journalist who might be interested in
doing a story about Tunefoolery?
Education Outreach
Do you have contacts in schools, universities, or
other organizations that might be interested in our
Education Outreach presentations?
Retreat/Workshops Do you know of a free space or house that
could host 15-20 people for a day-long or for a
three-day retreat?
Small Items Strings, microphone stands and cables.