According to the Report on Mental Health (1999) by the Surgeon General of the
United States, mental illness affects nearly one in five Americans in any year.
Still mental illness is surrounded by stigma that makes it hard for many people
to talk about their illnesses, and more importantly, makes them avoid seeking
treatment. Tunefoolery’s Education Outreach program was created as a
response to these facts.

Since 1997, we have been giving educational presentations in schools, universities,
at conferences, etc., performing music and educating students and our audiences
about mental health and mental illness.

Our musicians talk about the challenges of being in mental health recovery, about
medications and therapy, stress management, healing, and the vast pool of
talent that exists in the mental health community – as well as the role that
music plays in their lives.

Do you want to know more, or book an educational presentation by
Tunefoolery’s Education Outreach? Please contact us.