Watch new film about Tunefoolery!!

We are so thrilled to have a brand new 13-minute film capturing the essence of who are and the work we do. Click here to watch.

Who We Are

Tunefoolery Music is a unique and courageous community of over 60 musicians in mental health recovery who have created a safe place where loving support, paid work, and learning are the foundation for healing and recovery. Our mission is to bring quality music, along with an inspiring message of recovery and hope, to our peers and to the world.

People in mental health recovery deal with a long list of obstacles: symptoms, stigma, isolation, and a sense of powerlessness and dependency. Through research, we know the many benefits of playing and hearing music (reduced depression, anxiety, and chronic pain). Also, social connection and support have been shown to improve mental health in general. Tunefoolery today is a strong and supportive organization where music making, empowerment, and a supportive community are key elements in our musicians’ journeys toward healing. Tunefoolery’s talented musicians build identities beyond diagnosis and symptoms and focus on their skills as creative performers, while also sharing the gift of music with our audiences.